My name is Robyn.



I sn’t interesting looking back over the course of one’s life? Oh, hindsight…what an extraordinary gift! If I were to have a conversation with it, I would probably start with: “Who are you?” And then, it would silently, yet gracefully, reveal the truth of my life. In essence, that’s exactly what’s happened, accompanied by the fact that nothing has turned out as I envisioned it to be. But who’s life does pan out as planned?

I am a Pilates instructor, artist and traveller. My curiosity for alternative therapies led me to train in Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises and Thai yoga massage. I fell into this “love of work”, after having galivanted amongst the elite of the fashion industry for 12 years. I finally realised where my true calling lay…in amongst the emotional sanctuaries of healing and creativity. Again, not something I had ever pre-empted.

Seven years later, it was the end of a season. A time where it felt as if everything in my life came to a complete halt simultaneously; the end of a long-term relationship, the close of a studio, the expiry on a lease. I was also recovering from the flood of hormones rushing through my body, following an egg freezing procedure in an attempt to “buy myself some time”. I literally felt “stuck”.

In 2018, I stepped away from the deafening TICK TOCK of my biological clock and leapt into faith – allowing my inner, intuitive voice to lead once more.

I was always intrigued by the thought of travel. I mean, the real deal. Adventure. Freedom. Anonymity. One might have perceived this as running away, particularly with where I was at. It probably was, although in the name of our beloved hindsight, I now see the importance of this essential “reset”. The only thing left to do was to sell off half my belongings, store away my sentimental valuables, pray, pack a suitcase, pray again…and leave. And I did just that. I went on my own ‘eat, pray, love’ journey – out into the void and into faith.

A year later, I’m still on “the road”. In fact, I’ve recently sold and donated the remainder of my belongings. It’s simply now a suitcase that accompanies me. This unpredictable journey has led to life’s magical treasures as well as to some very daunting challenges – it’s been an unfolding process of prodding, pressing and moulding my character. After all, wherever you decide to venture to in this world, you’ll always end up meeting yourself on the other end…as I very quickly learned.

No one ever really has it all “figured out”. I certainly don’t. But I do try to approach life with a certain level of self-awareness and integrity. It’s from this place that I feel I have choice and the ability to honestly evaluate where I’m at.

I believe in the holistic approach, one which delves into all aspects of self-care: mind, body and spirit. This can take many forms, including the indulgence of what one LOVES (in a healthy way)! So, whether that’s practising Pilates, flying a helicopter or brushing French Ultramarine over a canvas, I believe in searching for the things that heal the soul and make it sing. To consciously fill one’s cup. To satisfy the senses. To heal the innermost parts. And then, from there, to relinquish control and allow God to do the rest.

This site is a place where hopefully we can connect as human beings. I’m simply walking in vulnerability and speaking my truth openly to whoever might resonate. As vulnerability and shame researcher Brené Brown so eloquently states:

Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater that our level of self-acceptance.

I’ve taken the “scenic route” to reach self-acceptance. In honesty, I’m still out in the wilderness. But I hope by sharing my personal experience and by offering my skills in art and Pilates, that this will serve in a way of healing and restoration for others. That together we can connect in our so-called “imperfections”. To find each other there and to stand in our humanness. And it will be in this humanness that we discover our victory.

With love,

Robyn x