Art is the vehicle of self-expression.

As a little girl, my first real encounter with a paintbrush led to an impressionistic landscape, that still sits framed in my folks living room.

It’s naivety always seems to conjure up feelings around passion, frustration, love, hope, despair, truth (to name a few) – a concoction of emotions that make the creation of art, let’s say, complex.

Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

There is no telling what will arise when we bravely enter its realm. But, once in that meditative space, it’s there that we can connect to our beloved soul. Art is an expression of one’s notion of the world. Depicting the essence of a single subject or encounter differs from person to person. Your eyes, senses and experience are your own, and it MATTERS. 

Art manifests in many forms. My personal favourite medium is oil painting – it just feels right. What’s yours?  If oil painting resonates, I would love to share the passion with you. Oil painting intrigues me for its complexity, depth, luminosity and challenge.

I do often accompany it with drawing and the experimentation with mixed media. But in essence, oil painting is my thing. Whether you’re looking for an artwork that moves you, or simply want to start the process of learning how to paint for yourself, I’m here to help.

Please check out my gallery of artworks below or click on the course “Enrol” button to start your very own journey to the brush.