The Rewby Philosophy

ru·​by | ˈrü-bē \ “sounds like” Rewby | roobé 


the ruby. A rare, precious gemstone found buried deep within the earth’s crust. To find a ruby, one must dig deep, chisel through layer upon layer of hard rock. Messy, and sometimes painful, once it’s found, wedged in the inner core of the earth, a beautiful stone emerges. One of the most durable of all stones, it’s survived. It’s exposed, imperfections and all. It’s formed, perfectly sculpted into its own authentic shape. Once polished daily, its fiery, rich hues begin to surface. And the glint of its deep, red heartbeat starts to shine again.

This is true of our human experience. Sometimes it takes digging deep, healing our innermost layers, before attempting to strengthen our bodies as we see them. This is true of our human experience. 

You’re probably wondering where “Rewby” came from? Rewby was always my childhood name, abbreviated from Robyn Elizabeth Whale – “by” naturally followed. It stuck, as did the passion for Pilates. This practise changed my life, as it can YOURS. After having been diagnosed with FAI (Femoralasetabular Impringement), an extremely debilitating and painful condition of the hips, surgeons advised that I operate – on BOTH! I opted to explore alternative therapies. The combination of Pilates and TRE completely healed my hips! I’m now an instructor and my main objective is to take it forward to others. To YOU.

Pilates requires time, patience and consistency. It’s not instantaneous, but rather a lifelong commitment. Each person is born with a unique, genetic make-up. Their specific life experience then shapes them into what they become. This inevitably will affect posture, well-being and one’s quality of life, some positively, but some negatively. This practise requires searching beyond the many layers and learning how to connect with the body again. Once that awareness comes into being, the body with start to strengthen, postural defects will be identified and corrected and YOU, in turn, will completely transform. Now that’s exciting, hey?



What is Pilates?

the question is often asked, normally with the conclusion of simply strengthening “The Core”.  But what does “The Core” actually mean?

Whilst the core makes up the 4 deepest muscles, i.e. Multifidus, Transversus Abdominis, Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor, the “Powerhouse” encompasses all muscles associated with Pilates. The Powerhouse houses the shoulders, the entire torso and all the way down to the glutes. Activating your centre or central muscles, provides stability and protection of the spine throughout any movement, which then allows us to move peripherally. Breathing plays a crucial role here too and is listed as one of the essential 6 Pilates Principles (PLEASE read “related articles” below, for an in-depth explanation). In my view, Pilates can be a full body workout, exercised at varying degrees of intensity.

Pilates is a low-impact method of exercise, focussing on muscular strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Pilates can either be performed using a series of apparatus, such as a Reformer or Trapeze Table, or on a mat. As an instructor, I utilise mat exercises, with the introduction of optional accessories (Pilates circles, foam rollers, exercise balls, resistance bands, etc). These exercises require time, commitment and practice for one to start to notice the benefits.

The benefits of Pilates include: 

  1. Improved core strength and stability
  2. Improved postural alignment and balance
  3. Improved flexibility and mobility
  4. Improved co-ordination
  5. Prevention and treatment of aches and pains, particularly lower back pain


Pilates Accessories

Coming soon!

Change happens through movement and movement heals…

Joseph Pilates


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